What the Pros Say

craykane (2)

Raymond Kane “…words can never express…”
Raymond received his Anahola Koa Spruce top guitar 2weeks before he received the honor of being recognized a tradition bearer by the National Endowment for the Arts and flown to Washington DC to preform before congress.

weirwass (5)

Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman
“The work you did made all the difference in the show tonight” Bob Weir
“I’m sold” Rob Wasserman
Rob owns a Kokee Koa bass and a Guarneri model Hamada Koa violin

tajmahal02 (3)

“These guitars are wonderful”
Friend and mentor , honored to care for just about every instrument Taj owns . Our kids grew up together.

smroland02 (5)

Roland Cazimeros playing the Anahola Koa Spruce top double neck 12 string. Much history in this guitar. Roland is a twin.
“Your guitars make me sound so good “. Roland Cazimero
“You really did it this time Mickey, you changed the footprint of the Brothers Cazimero’s sound”
Soundhole and bridges designed by Jon Demello, Mountain Apple.

robwasserman (2)

“I’m sold” Rob Wasserman
Kokee Koa bass
Hamada Koa Guarneri model violin.

loureed (6)

“I’ve never heard so much sound come out of an instrument “.
Lou Reed
Hamada Koa Les Paul with pickups made especially for Lou.

larry ramos uke (4)

“Looks bitchin but I didn’t expect it to sound good too!!” Double neck uke made for friend and mentor Larry Ramos . Child star, born and raised on Kauai, went on to become a driving force in the New Christy Minstrels and the Association.
Top neck 6 string Liliou, with “little Larry” and “60th Anniversary ” fretboard inlay
Bottom neck Requinto with Hawaiian Islands inlayed in fretboard.
Kauai Koa with spruce top from his Idaho home.

joewalsh (6)

“I’m impressed, and I can’t even argue about the price.”Joe bought the first Anahkla Koa guitar. 000 model with spruce top.

cazimeroatoutrigger01 (2)

“…this is s really nice guitar…”
Ohia Lehua spruce top 12 string guitar
“… I think you should make a hundred of these and let me pick one…”
Smeck model Koa guitar with Adirondack Spruce top.

browne (4)

“…this guitar has an incredible voice…” “Your guitar is the star of the show” Jackson Browne
Small body all Koa guitar

bobshane01 (2)

Friend and mentor Bob Shane, Kingston Trio
Bob Shane model Big Body Guitar
Kiawe with Spruce top.